We help Gospel-driven networks increase their capacity to translate vision into reality.


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How We Do Things

Not only is every organization different, but your mission and vision are wholly unique. That’s why we come alongside every project with wide-eyed imagination and practical strategies tailored to your needs. Whether you’re launching a new initiative, your vision is unclear, or the mission feels stuck, our team is here to help you discern where God is at work and see you go further, faster.

Clarify Purpose & Mission

We work with your team to determine the scope of the project: What are the big wins? What are the measurable outcomes? How will this practically help you live into God’s preferred future and vision? What’s the calling God has placed on your network “for such a time as this”?

Identify Organizational Gaps

When pursuing a God-sized vision, there’s always a gap between your current reality and where you want to go. We lock onto those gaps, create a strategic plan for tackling any challenges, and build a blueprint for success that breaks through barriers and multiplies Kingdom impact.

Increase Team Health & Performance

Leaders shape culture, and culture always trumps strategy. Many leaders believe the biggest obstacle to accomplishing their vision is they don’t have the “right” strategy or access to what’s “newest” or “next.” Without healthy team culture, you’ll lose your way even with the best strategy. As we work with your team, we help shape your culture so that you can win-the-day together.

Develop Strategy & Tools

As we listen and respond to what God wants, we know there are endless opportunities to join Him on mission. One-size-fits-all strategies will not work. What we need are simple, scalable, and sustainable tools and processes custom-built and unique to your network, mission, and context. Our team will help you build tools that allow you to respond to God and His specific calling on your ministry.

Execute the Vision Together

When it’s time to hit “go” on your vision, we don’t just throw the keys at you and walk. It needs to work in reality, not just look good on paper! As you accelerate, we remain accessible on your journey ahead toward God’s preferred future. We help ensure you’re reaching milestones and hitting measurable outcomes.

Our Solutions

Simply put, we do three things: coaching, consulting, and communications. These three offerings work hand in hand to accelerate your vision and multiply your impact.

Coaching is all about developing people. Leaders create culture, and the best laid plans and most compelling vision are often undermined by an accidental leadership culture.

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Why do we do it?

Coaching leaders is one of our favorite things to do because we have the opportunity to partner with what Jesus is already doing in and through you.

How do we do it?

We provide coaching in numerous formats: team sessions, one-on-one calls or in-person meetings, and through cohorts with a collection of leaders from around the country.

Still on the fence?

We believe leaders never stop learning. You must know yourself to lead yourself and lead others. Coaching helps unlock your full potential and takes you further than you thought you could go.

Consulting is all about organizational development. Bringing in strategic outsiders with proven voices and genuine expertise is always a good move to get you going further, faster.

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Why do we do it?

We love helping organizations and leaders hear from God and respond in obedience to all He wants. Our passion is to liberate leaders and cultures to experience breakthrough and realize their opportunity to advance the Gospel.

How do we do it?

Working together, we assess organizational reality, develop tools and tracks to help you go further, and deploy custom strategies to reach your vision.

Still on the fence?

We refuse to offer temporary "band-aid" solutions that only address part of the problem. Our comprehensive approach addresses your needs, ensures organizational health, and establishes a culture that serves you now and into the future.

You can have the most compelling vision or best strategic plan, but without the right tools for communication, you will never fully get off the ground.

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Why do we do it?

Poor communication will always undermine your mission. Most ministry leaders want top-notch communication tools, but many teams lack the necessary skillsets to deliver them. We are your one-stop vision activation shop.

How do we do it?

Our team is in your corner. We can deliver branding, graphic design, websites, mobile apps, video, print pieces, and more.

Still on the fence?

Do not underestimate the importance of compelling and inspiring storytelling and design. Creating marketing tools that clearly communicate who you are and where you're going is one of the best ways to further your mission and vision.


Thoughts from Our Partners


Over the past few years Catapult has engaged our ministry partners to help them refine their mission and vision and develop strategies for healthy growth and organizational stability. The process of working with The Catapult Team has been amazing. Their professionalism and experience exceeded all of our expectations.

— Jim Hines, Missions Pastor, Summit Church, Southwest Florida

Catapult Group is a game changer! As a church planter it can be hard to clearly define my priorities as everything seems dire in the early stages. Catapult Group helped me to clearly define our North Star and align all my efforts and workload to support that vision. Without Catapult I would still be floundering on how to execute the vision the Lord gave us for our city.

— Charlie Mitchell, Lead Pastor, Epiphany Church Baltimore

My experience with catapult has been unparalleled! Their interest in brining organizational clarity and developing specific growth paths is charting a future course I didn’t know was possible! Additionally, the specific interest shown in my growth as a leader continues to expand my influence and stability in leadership.

— Todd Devaney, Executive Pastor, Fellowship Greenville, SC

Catapult has been an invaluable partner in helping us work through major staff transitions at our church. Their love of people, depth of experience in organizational leadership, and wisdom in dealing with leaders saved us from countless mis-steps and helped us avoid putting effort into unnecessary areas. Our organization has also benefitted from coaching to become a more cohesive and better functioning team.

— Ron Downing, Executive Pastor, Colonial Church, Wichita Falls, TX

The Catapult Team won our trust by helping us see the dynamics of our church more clearly through patient and insightful questions. They have been an invaluable help to us in clarifying our organizational purpose & strategies and then discerning strategic next steps in pursuing them more effectively. Their partnership has been a needed catalyst for effecting operational change and follow through.

— Ryan Taylor, Pastor, Apostles Church, NYC

The Catapult Group advantage begins with its people. Their team is gifted and equipped to assist organizations with developing their people and their strategy. They begin by listening well and developing an understanding of our organization. Our relationship with Catapult truly felt like partnership — they seemed like a part of our team.

— Russ Holt, Executive Pastor, Crossroads Church, Columbia, SC

Catapult has been an invaluable resource for our ministry! They have assisted us in clarifying vision, establishing priorities, identifying delivery systems, and providing communication strategies and tools. We are positioned to make a Kingdom impact in ways that might not have been possible without their help. I heartily recommend their services to any ministry group seeking to sharpen their ministry vision and better communicate a heart for God’s purposes.

— Jeff Kephart, Missionary Church Denomination, East Central Region, Director

Working with Catapult was the impetus for bringing clarity and direction on the path forward for All Good Things. The team at Catapult is genuinely interested and dedicated to taking your organization to the next level.

— Jonathan Parker, Executive Director, All Good Things

The Catapult team has taken our communications and given us a more professional brand, as well as developed tools, that represents our organization and vision well. Their ability to coordinate and organize our donor management needs and communications work has saved our administrative team so much time and energy.

— Natalie Curry, Director, Foundation in Christ Ministries, Galway, Ireland

The team at Catapult has made our success their goal. They have been consistent in helping us think through the strategies and vision to help get us to where we are today. I consider them more than a consulting firm. I consider them friends who have our best interest in their hearts.

— Thad Bergmeier, ABWE North America, Director of Advancement

The Catapult Group has assembled a team of gifted individuals that listen and respond with solid solutions. From simple advice to robust content development, they approach your organization without losing sight of the mission. I’m thankful for their focus and resolve to jump in and walk beside until the desired outcome is in hand.

— Chad Childress, Send Direction, North American Mission Board

Catapult was a great help to us in implementing a business model that more effectively serves our christian global workers around the world. They not only helped us with our infrastructure transition, but equipped us with tools and resources to better manage future changes. We are grateful for Catapult’s expertise and passion for reaching the nations.

— Curtis McGown, LMHC, LPC, Executive Director, God Speed Resources

Catapult has provided us with top-shelf leadership enabling us to clarify, resource, and execute our national strategy for the re-evangelization of the nation. Because of their commitment to help us go further faster, we have been able to accelerate and expand our vision to reach North America. Their passion and commitment to partner with us in desiring to see the completion of the Great Commission in our lifetime inspires us toward the finish line.

— Will Plitt, Executive Director, Christ Together

Catapult’s attention to detail, professionalism, and care for our organization’s mission was always at the forefront. We are grateful for how God used them to grow our organizations capacity to impact and influence our partners.

— Zach Nelson, Executive Director, Pillar Network

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Let’s get your project on the road. We can’t wait to begin a relationship with you and partner together to accelerate your vision and multiply your impact!